What Is Conversion Rate Optimization? [2020 CRO]

Any operator in the ecommerce world can attest to the fact that an influx of traffic doesn’t necessarily result in a spike in sales. It is pretty disheartening to spend money and time on ads, web design, influencers, SEO ranking, online reviews, and all that to increase traffic – only for a major portion of […]

Simplified Guide to Organize an Existing Google Ads Account & Campaign Structure

Organizing your Google Ads campaign structure is one of the precursors to a successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign.  When your Google account is structured, you don’t have to untangle a bunch of ads each time you want to check traffic, leads, and sales. A well-structured account saves time and increases sales because you can quickly see […]

Shopify Review (2020): How It Works, Features & Pricing Plans

The number of available online store building tools is increasing by the day, and deciding on which option is right for your business can be a pain. Let’s admit it, comparing the pricing, templates, SEO performance, payment processors, and shipping options of all the leading e-commerce solutions can be pretty tedious – we’ve definitely been […]

How to Set Up Google Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you have any idea how visitors or leads behave on your website? Do you know which sites or search engines led them to your site or the content they came to see? In fact, can you tell to a large extent the general interaction of visitors with your website? If you are not yet […]

How to Find and Add Negative Keywords in Google Ads

Digital marketers that are serious about maximizing the value of their pay-per-click (PPC) budget would never forget to include negative keywords in their ads campaign.  If you’re still using only target keywords for your PPC ads, just know that you’re covering only half of your marketing equation. Target keywords bring you good leads that rack […]

7 Best Marketing Podcasts To Listen To In 2020

Are you looking to enhance your marketing strategy? Your best bet is digital marketing podcasts. Marketing podcasts have become the ultimate guide to gaining fresh insights and optimizing the social media content of your business. In addition, it is also the best multitasking companion you can get. Podcasts have become the go-to medium for several […]

6 Ways to Run a Successful Google Ads Campaign On a Small Budget

As a business owner, not having a huge budget for your Google PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign shouldn’t discourage you from running an ad campaign. Some ecommerce sites have run successful promos with smaller budgets, so there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same. The answer lies in getting creative with your meager resources. To […]

5 Ecommerce CRO Tactics That’ll Boost Your Conversions

To survive the fierce competition in today’s ecommerce world, it’s not enough to simply drive massive targeted traffic to your site. You have to stay several steps ahead of the game by perfecting how to convert your leads into regular customers with the most effective Conversion Rate Optimization strategies. Whether you’re running an ecommerce store […]

4 Popular Ways to Fund Your Ecommerce Business

As the ecommerce landscape keeps transforming and growing, there are now more funding options to sustain that growth.  There are several ways you can raise capital for your startup beyond the traditional bank loans, SBA loans, or venture capitals – which are more difficult to get and tend to drag on) Here, we’ll walk you […]