Case Study

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Increase in Annual Revenue

Indosole creates footwear all made using repurposed motor bike tires.

The Problem

Indosole have sold well in retail, but have never had a true online sales plan, nor the traffic to generate consistent revenue online.

The Solution

We built a holistic digital marketing strategy to drive online sales. The new marketing campaign was developed to show authenticity and yet distinguish them from other brands in 3 their space. This, in combination with detailed retargeting, allowed them to scale incredibly fast.

The Results

Within 2 weeks, we doubled the return on ad spend of the previous agency from 1.5x to 3X. Within 6 weeks, we more than tripled the previous agency’s return on ad spend from 1.5x to 5X. 


Monthly Online Revenue in 3 Months


Scalable Campaigns Discovered in 4 Weeks


Increase in Annual Revenue

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Increase in Revenue in 6 Weeks


Overall Increase in Revenue in Under 3 Months

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