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Dan Lorenz has been passionate about entrepreneurship and the military for as long as he can remember. In 2013, upon returning from a deployment as a Special Forces Team Commander, Dan transitioned from active duty service and into Corporate America. He quickly learned that his leadership experience and management skills were not appreciated enough to land the positions best suited for him.

It was then that Dan translated his skills to form a career in unconventional warfare to fit the world of business by creating the Guerrilla Founder’s approach to life. Leveraging this new framework helped him to achieve “more with less” by taking unconventional approaches to entrepreneurship, financing and investing resulting in lifestyle and financial independence on his terms.

Several franchises and start-ups later, Dan is living his purpose-driven life by helping hundreds of others find franchises and live life on purpose.

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The Problem

There was a struggle to gain clarity and consistency in Dan’s business. Yes he was out there, but he couldn’t definitively say how much he could spend and how much he could make in return. 

The Solution

Taking a value-driven approach to capturing leads, landing clients and scaling his company using specific funnels and email nurturing systems, all while pushing an irresistible offer to the market. 

The Results

In a few short months, Dan’s leads and sales had exploded. From low 1000s to well into 6 figures on a road path to 7 figures. 

Knowing now that he can spend $1 and make $2, $5, or even $10 back. 

THAT is a business. 


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Increase in Revenue
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