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Monthly Online Recurring Revenue After Only 90 Days

Boardies is a brand that is bringing artistically driven swimwear to a youthful market. Shorts, socks, Ts, bikinis, and even kids shorts.

The Problem

Standing at the pools edge,  Boardies wanted to dive right into the deep end and scale up their eCommerce sales. Having primarily relied on wholesale to drive revenue and inventory moving, the owner saw that the competition was going to swallow up the potential online sales that he had yet to capture. Advertising and online sales being such a complicated and unknown space filled with gurus left and right, it was hard to find someone to bring them to where they knew they could be.

That’s when they contacted us.

The Solution

We designed campaigns and set website foundations that considered the full funnel. Focusing on advertising on the correct platforms and optimizing the website’s conversion rate. Brand oriented advertising and on-site efforts to improve average order value (AOV) and ultimately lifetime value of each customer. 

The Results

Now, Boardies consistently pulls in 2X return on ad spend, and their conversion rate has more than doubled in the space of 90 days. We even managed to improve their average order value by over 45%. This is only 3% of the market and with much more room to tackle the 97% we expect to see continued growth. 


5-Star Product Reviews Within The First 90 Days


Growth Rate Month Over Month


Increase In Average Order Value

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Increase in Revenue in 6 Weeks


Overall Increase in Revenue in Under 3 Months

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