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Increase in ROAS in 6 Weeks

Arvin Goods is a brand that is recycling textile industry waste and turning it into essential-wear for the everyday human.

The Problem

Arvin had flipped up their website, struggled to find consistency in ads performance, and had products they were dropping from their roster. All aspects that directly effect topline revenue, whether through average order value (AOV), customer lifetime value (LTV) or website conversion rate. 

The Solution

We planned to execute on a number of fronts; Email Marketing, Website Conversion Rate Optimization, Ads Management on both Facebook and Google, and lastly SMS marketing to improve ads conversion and build a remarketing list. PPC advertising and on-site efforts to improve average order value (AOV) and remarketing efforts to ultimately increase the lifetime value of each customer. 

The Results

90 Days in, their average cost per acquisition (CPA) dropped over 33%, with their average order value (AOV) increasing by over 45%. The main website took a fresh design, and with the correct A/B testing increased their homepage and product page conversion rates by over 30%. Their products even hold 100 5-star reviews. Overall this exploded ArvinGoods’ recurring revenue by over 200%


5-Star Product Reviews Within The First 90 Days


Growth in Recurring Monthly Revenue


Increase In Average Order Value


SMS Subscribers


Reduction in CPA

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Increase in Revenue in 6 Weeks


Overall Increase in Revenue in Under 3 Months

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