Step 1:

Watch the “$200 Million Masterclass” video below. All value, no time wasting.

Step 1: Watch the “$200 Million Masterclass” video below. All value, no time wasting.
Step 2:

Get the full course and get a Free Bonus (worth $397)!

Step 2: Get the full course and get a Free Bonus (worth $397)!
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For the Ecommerce business owners searching for a simple, predictable, profitable and automated way to generate customers with high ROAS, consistent conversion rates, and repeat customers…

Does that sound like you? Sound like your goal?

But does your day consistent of spending hours optimizing your website…

Trying new Facebook ad hacks, or binge-watching ecommerce ‘guru’ videos…

And still not seeing that sales needle move?

You’re well aware that consists sales are the lifeblood of your business

But cracking the code to steady revenue seems almost impossible…

We get it-

You’re probably burning the midnight oil, experimenting with every hack, tactic, and “pro tip” you stumble upon down the endless YouTube rabbit hole.

Yet, that coveted golden ticket to consistent revenue, feels like a pipe dream.

Growing an ecommerce business isn’t just about stacking virtual shelves.

You need a steady flow of interested, ready-to-buy customers consistently visiting your store.

That takes some work…. And I’m no Bullsh*t…

So if you are just looking for a quick tip.

Then take the two Freebies I promised to you here…..

But if you’re looking for 
Plug and play systems to inject this into your business TODAY…

Then hang in there… 

Because we have them ready for you. 

The same systems that have generated over $200M in revenue for over 117 brands in over 50+ niches…. 

Now back to how you get those fiery hot customers into your store…

The answer is not what the mainstream ‘gurus’ are pushing. 

Forget about bulk sending salesy email blasts, endless retargeting, or spamming social feeds with annoying sh*tty paid ads.

We’re going to show you how to start converting wandering eyes into loyal, paying customers and raving fans…

Say goodbye to the endless hours of grinding, just to see your store flooded one month and deserted the next…

You’ll be able to unlock a systematic approach to bring in customers like clockwork. 

Letting you focus on scaling your business, hiring people to replace you…

And finally enjoying the fruits of your labor by integrating life-long systems without agency fees and other crazy costs.

But don’t take it from me..

Listen, this is a reel of clients that have used our system through our agency over the last 8 years.

But we’ve recently rolled out this plug and play system, COMPLETELY HANDS FREE.

Here’s some of the results we’ve achieved…

Jonathon Started From Zero. He Raised $3.2 Million, Bought 55 Acres & Built A Community In Costa Rica.

  • Partnered with someone to get the land
  • After homeschooling 6 kids she’s passionate about education
  • Runs her outdoor Waldorf-inspired kids academy
  • Owner financing 12 more acres next door to host retreats

Jonathon Started From Zero. He Raised $3.2 Million, Bought 55 Acres & Built A Community In Costa Rica.

  • Partnered with someone to get the land
  • After homeschooling 6 kids she’s passionate about education
  • Runs her outdoor Waldorf-inspired kids academy
  • Owner financing 12 more acres next door to host retreats
This system has been our little secret for almost 4 years… 

And now we’re finally releasing it to the public. 

That’s why I’m making you this almost unbelievable deal… 

Now this isn’t a pitch for an agency or a course.

We hand select the clients we work with (when we do)

But these client videos are there to show you that this stuff works.

Really F@*king well.

“So What Do I Actually Learn Inside?”

Good question.

Now I could sit here and start spitting rhymes about all the bells and whistles this program has.

But you don’t really care about that, do ya?

All you care about is the end results.

Here's What You'll UNLOCK In This Program.

  • How we did over $200M in revenue through using this system with our clients.
  • How to build a holistic marketing machine that churns out sales 24/7
  • How to tap into the hidden gold mines of email marketing
  • Unlock the power of AI to turbo charge your business output
  • The proven framework to take your brand viral
  • To 10x your creative output with simple systems
  • How we consistently scaled ads and generated over 2.5X ROAS on ads
  • How to build out back-end email and SMS systems that consistently drive
You’ll be able to punch in our cheat codes and level up your ROAS immediately.


Just plug and play.

Remember, they’re “cheat codes.”

They work for anyone who’s lucky enough to know them.

"I Don't Need Another Course Christian...".

Actually… This ISN’T a course…

But I get it.

You’ve probably been burnt before.

Most agencies and course sellers just regurgitate generic advice you can find for free on YouTube.

Without actually revealing any advertising sauce.

Well I have some good news for you…

They call me the Gordon Ramsay of eCommerce because I don’t only provide the sauce…

But I give you the whole f*cking recipe.

Not just another marketing scumbag.

The Agencies, ‘Gurus’ and even a number of successful ecommerce owners that are teaching online…

Will only focus on their ‘one secret thing’ they claim will grow any business.

When the truth is…

There is never one tactic to achieve success.
It’s a Lie

Most of them got lucky that their conversion rate was decent…

Or they naturally had good branding

Or they had someone setup core email flows that generated them added revenue.

So when they launched their ads, or started influencer marketing…

BOOM. Sales.

Must’ve been the ads right?

Must’ve been influencer marketing, right?

If it’s not obvious… the answer is No.

They fortunately had the right foundations in place to make success possible but can rarely replicate that success because they don’t know how they did it!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have the right foundations.

Most people have to spend years struggling to build the foundations.

But you don’t need luck and you don’t have years to build everything right.

You need a game plan. A proven roadmap.

Every single ecommerce brand needs a solid foundation,

In this program, we set the foundations for scale.

Foundations that do more than just generate revenue…

It's Not Just About more revenue...
It's About how much you profit.

Learn the step-by-step strategies to hone your vision, plan, optimize, generate profit, and scale your store successfully in the easiest, fastest time frame possible.

Emerald E-commerce Economics

Master Unit Economics – The reason most businesses fail is not because they have a bad product or even their marketing…

It’s because they run out of money before they can even get off the ground!

But once you understand the numbers and master the process of turning $1 into $2, $3, $5….
Your business can grow as big as you want it to grow!

1 – Explore the ecommerce landscape and the digital paradigm
2 – Learn to define the journey you’re about to embark on.
3 – Unveiling the secret math equation for 8 figure ecommerce scale – a mix between conversion, price, profit margin, CPC, and AOV/LTV
4 – Scrape the world wide web for everything you need to know about your die hard customers.
5 – Define exactly what your market craves
6 – Craft irresistible offerings and product benefits

Mindset Mechanics

Embrace a period of profound personal and business growth and revitalization.

1 – Discover the polymath and the traits that drive growth in any business
2 – Breathe in ‘Time’ and learn to harness the only asset you cannot get back
3 – Leverage our systems to develop Hyper Productivity and build simple habits

Website Conversion Craftsmanship

Powerful Websites That Convert – Your website is your digital shop front to the world, what impression is it giving and what journey is it taking potential buyers down?

We’ll show you how to lead your buyers on an impactful journey that not only gets them buying but gets them coming back for more!

1 – Build intentful guarantees that actuall improve customer retention.
2 – Building Believability and reducing Doubt.
3 – Learn when and how to optimize your site to maximize conversions
4 – Discover price testing and the secrets triggers that pull in customers.

Explosive Email Returns

Email is like the lifeblood of your marketing machine. It brings everything together yet even some of the biggest brands in the world fail to fully capitalize on its power.

No Voyager will fall into this boat as you’ll be equipped with a system that will turn subscribers into raving fans and passionate buyers! Generate revenue on autopilot by making storytelling and copywriting a simple 123 process.

1 – Plug and play our power flows
2 – Copy our Money Making Audience Segmentations
3 – Leverage our story telling matrix so you never run out of stories to tell.
4 – Plug in our email calendar so you’re ahead of your competitors
5 – integrate SMS systems and flows for a more personal touch

Drive A Flood Of High Intent Traffic through Ads Alchemy

Not all traffic is created equal, just because you have more visitors to your site it doesn’t automatically equal more sales.

Identifying and attracting traffic that is HUNGRY for your offer will explode your store and we’ll show you exactly how to bring them like bees to honey.

1 – Understand the secret to attention grabbing ads.
2 – Copy our $200M Ads structure
3 – Craft killer content with our ad alchemy framework
4 -Tie in ecommerce economics to define ad spend and how to scale.

Building Value vessels through Customer value optimization

Cultivate lasting customer relationships to optimize lifetime value. If your customers only buy from you once, your business has a lifespan. We’ll not only bring in hungry traffic but inbuild the systems and processes that keep them coming back for more to maximize the lifetime value of every customer!

1 – Define the ‘sells’ your brand can and should leverage for maximum profits.
2 – Apply our top performing sell matrix to increase AOV and lifetime value.
3 – Integrate profit generating tools through our “agency proven formula”.
4 – offer more value to guide them into purchasing but also get post purchasing, enhance the experience to build loyalty.
5 – build rapport and leverage enthusiasm – reviews, testimonials and feedbackNot all traffic is created equal, just because you have more visitors to your site it doesn’t automatically equal more sales.
And that’s just a handful of what’s in store for you on the other side!

Just ONE element in this course could be what helps your vision follow through and actually happen.

Just like these students skilled in every pillar they need to succeed.

Jay started with no money and used the course to raise funds to buy his dream property in less than 3 weeks

Jay started with no money and used the course to raise funds to buy his dream property in less than 3 weeks

A Jack of All Trades is a Master of None…
But Often Better Than A Master of One

Let alone all the things you’ll learn when combined.

And you’re not just getting access to us…

It’s access to all our advisers and our entire network.

Which we don’t take lightly, it’s taken a long time to form these relationships and that’s why we keep it to a small group. 

We’ve paid for over $87,000 in courses and coaches… 

On top of paying our own internal experts over $250,000 in the past few years to model this system. 

Let alone all of the ad spend, time, energy, blood sweat and tears… (yes we marketers cry too).

Now we want to give all that information to you, so you don’t have to.

We know this system works… 

We are so certain that we will pay you to take this operating system and put it in your business!

Why YOU Get To Choose The Exchange Option That Works Best For You...

Just 9 short years ago, I was traveling with work in Alaska.
Having invested all of my money plus $30k of debt into my project… 
Someone broke into my friend’s car, and took everything I had… 

I had nothing.

It took 2 years for me to turn that around…

I’m telling you this because one of the main questions I get is

“Why is your price so low?” or “You need to raise your prices.”

People say this because any other course that will show you these things…

Charges 10 to 40x as much, they get you on a sales call and try to sell you on it.

Because they measure it by how much value you’re getting from it.

Over those 2 years I worked my ass off for any brand I could.

And in short, it eventually created this system.

I measure by impact. 

I asked “What makes it accessible and easy so more people can do this, while also honoring our time?”

I’ve been through the ups and downs of life (such as when I was so broke I was eating free condiments and sleeping on someone’s living room floor).

I believe in a better world, helping each other further along the road.  It’s what Ansel and Voya OS was built upon. 

This is just the beginning of the voyage.

To put this into perspective… 

You’re entering (or are already on) a journey where you’ll be making decisions that will affect your life in the most incredible ways!

So getting to choose your payment option seems like a no brainer to:

  • Build a full self-sustaining marketing engine
  • ​​Never get conned by another agency or guru again
  • Fulfil your businesses potential and double, triple, even 10x the revenue!
  • ​​Save 100’s of thousands of dollars or more on costly mistakes
  • ​Save years of your precious time (your most important resource)
  • ​And worst case, you get a money-back guarantee + a cheque for $2000 if the system doesn’t help you (must read more below)​

Just one section of this course like how to take your brand viral is responsible for over $13M+ in sales for clients. I’m talking real on-the-ground actionable knowledge. Not YouTube videos.

I paid mentors and experts as well as months of trial and error to nail this system before rolling it out for clients.

You’re getting that plus 20+ other categories of tools, resources, lessons and systems that we’ve spent a small fortune and years of time acquiring.

And if it doesn’t work for you, there’s no risk, cuz we’ll pay you $2000.

The Best Refund Policy You'll Ever Find...

I’m going to shoot you straight so listen (read) up…

If the methods in this course don’t work for you, we’ll give you a full refund + we’ll pay you an extra $1500.

(No, this system does NOT cost $1500.) You get to choose your payment option. For example, maybe you choose $497.

So if the course does not work for you, you get a full refund for $497 PLUS we will pay you $1500 on top of that. So we would pay you $1997.

That’s how confident we are that if you use the methods we show you, they will work.

You have to do the work though and put the methods into action.

If you use our email methods and they don’t generate you more revenue?
We’ll pay you.

If you use our traffic methods and you don’t get any results?
We’ll pay you.

If you use our conversion methods and nothing improves?
Yup, We’ll pay you.

This is an accountability agreement.
Which means we both have to do the work.
We have to be accountable for offering you super high value (which is exactly what we do).
And you have to be accountable for putting that value into action.

So if you show us that you’ve put all the information in this course into action, and it hasn’t worked for you, we’ll pay you.

This is a 20x higher rate of return than you’d get investing in the stock market.

On average this money-back guarantee is roughly 4x your money back.

Unlike regular investment options like stocks, crypto currency, or whatever else people are into, this isn’t gambling.

This is investing in yourself with no way to lose.
Here’s your options:

  • The methods in the course work, you learn a ton, you offer a lot of value to the world, and you live your dream! (you 100x your joy and wealth) or…
  • You get your money back + a cheque for $1500 (you 4x your wealth)

Either way, you’re better off.

The only way to lose is by not moving forward

That’s why we make this easy to access.

You get to choose what option suits your financial needs

Alright, here’s what’s inside...

The Voya os curriculum

The Step-By-Step Formula For Building A Successful ECommerce Brand
module 1 - Emerald Ecommerce Economics
Module 01

E-Commerce Economic Blueprint

Grasp the foundational and philosophical essence of Ecommerce dynamics.
Module 2 - Mindset Mechanics
Module 02

Mindset Mechanics

Embrace a period of profound personal and business growth and revitalization.
Modules 3 - Website Conversion Craftsmanship
Module 03

Website Conversion Craftsmanship

Master the art of transforming websites into powerful conversion tools.
Module 4 - Backend Bridges
Module 04

Backend Bridges - Email / SMS

Harness the subtle power of email and SMS for deep community connections. Cultivate lasting customer relationships to optimize lifetime value.
Module 5- Ads Alchemy
Module 05

Ads Alchemy

Learn systematic strategies to transform ad efforts into scaling successes.
Module 6 - Value Vessels
Module 06

Value Vessels - Building Customer Value

Learn systematic strategies to transform ad efforts into scaling successes.
By Joining Today

You’ll Also Receive Instant Access To A WHopping
20 INSANE Bonuses

Private Voya OS Community
This group allows you to network in a private mastermind where you can share contacts, get help and learn the latest scaling hacks and tips of what’s working right now. At the end of the 12 months you’ll be offered the chance to stay in the group at $49 per month.
1-on-1 Board Meetings
Personal Sessions with a Voya scaling specialist to zero in on exactly what will impact for your business the most.
Live Q&A with Christian
Learn directly from Christian, get clarity on how other brands are approaching their marketing live.
eComm Ads Library
A full library and analysis of ads that have proven to convert and caught the eyes of our expert ads team over the years.
High-Converting Email Flows
Our 7 core flows to bring in 15-20% more revenue.
Flow + Copy Programs
A full playbook on copywriting, storytelling and consumer psychology.
Hiring Scorecards
A suite of templates and tools built to hire people from Shopify, Google, and Facebook, including how to track and manage them once they are in your A-team.
Conversion Vault
Exclusive Teardown of 50+ eCommerce Brand Websites
All using the same details outlined in our system. Showing exactly how top brands are unconsciously converting customers, and you can replicate this success.
Virality Playbook
The science behind viral content and the 4 specific steps on how to recreate the magic. Shockingly repeatable and unbelievably illusive if you don’t know these steps.
Giga-Giveaway Playbook

The exact steps for how to lead, launch and run a successful giveaway that brings in engaged subscribers by the boatload. The RIGHT way. Used to generate over 500,000 subscribers in 4 years.

Founder’s Interview Library
We paid for time with a list of 7 and 8 figure ecommerce brand owners, interviewing them about their experiences and tips for growing a successful business. Includes their Founders Notes from each interview.
CONTENT Playbook
The playbook Christian has used to grow media companies to millions of followers in a matter of months, not years.
Exact steps to create engaging content and drive people into your brand.
Productivity Tools and Tactics
The process our top 7 and 8 figure clients use to reclaim time and build leverage to scale their business. ‘Spend more time ON the business, not IN the business.’
AI for eComm Cheatsheet
A full playbook for leveraging AI to save time without losing quality, including a prompt list and exclusive access to new tools
Funding Cheatsheet
The hitlist for finding funding as an up-and-coming ecommerce brand
Email Explosion Playbook
Exclusive templates, funnels, landing pages, and sequences to grow your list fast and far.
100 Year Historical Copy Vault

The vault of copy dating back 100 years. Ad structures, copy that sold products through newspapers and flyers, and even including more recent money making headlines to inspire your next campaigns. 

Influencer Marketing Playbook
The simple process we’ve used to find, connect, manage and scale influencers with our brands.
Brand Builder Playbook
The exact step-by-step playbook for cleaning up your brand, and knowing what to focus on long-term
PR + Partnerships Playbook
The secret process used to get brands and individuals featured on channels list CNN and Good Morning America, Plus how it can build amazing partnerships that can single-handedly scale your business.
Partner Access

For the first time ever we’re offering an additional Voya OS access for FREE to a partner, or sister brand. We’ve worked with enough business owners to know that you won’t be able to implement all of this by yourself, so bring in your business partner, team member, friend, or even a family member to help you out.


total bonus worth

Save over $9,243.00 And Get All This For The Screaming Good Deal of Just $997

Not only that,

but it’s backed by…

Our "DOUBLE IT" Guarantee

I guarantee to help you earn double the investment of Voya OS or my team will step in and work on it for FREE until you do.

If we still can’t achieve that, then I will refund you entirely,
Plus gift you $1,500.
AND let you keep access to the platform anyway.

On top of that...

If you’re not completely satisfied and see zero value in the first 14 days then I’ll refund you 100%.

Show me another person willing to stand behind their product like this.
We make it impossible to lose.

Get Instant Access To EVERYTHING
($11,737+ Value)
PLUS Claim Your Free Gift...

Receive ALL of this RISK-FREE...


Enjoy access to a world-wide community of founders in an exclusive FB group reserved for VIP members.


Learn directly from Christian, get clarity on how other brands are approaching their marketing live.


Save $100’s OFF select softwares, tools, resources & more.

Access to FUTURE Content

Our team creates new course content weekly, make sure you don’t miss any of it!

50+ Ads, Email, & Website Templates

Over $20,000,000 worth of PROVEN ads, email, website, and automation templates we currently use in our million dollar clients.

Step-By-Step Checklists

The closest thing you’ll get to “hand holding” you through our proven blueprint for building and selling products online.

Copywriting Structures. Ecommerce Economic Planners. 33+ Hours of Expert Walkthroughs. Ads Templates. Storytelling Cheat Sheets. Brand Guides. Hiring Templates. Job SOPs Conversion Templates Believability Checklists. High-Converting Website Theme. Split Testing Playbook. Pre-structured Landing Pages Email Funnels. Financial Templates. 99+ Email Campaigns. Community Access. Swipe Files. Funding Guides. Ad Vault. VIP Support.

No Agency Contract

No Retainer Fees

100% Zero Risk

2X Guarantee

Choose Your Free Gift And Get $500 Off The Course...

Choose from 3 free gifts below with sign up. Bonus ending

Then choose a pricing option for the course that suits your budget as low as $77.

We know everyone is at a different point in their journey and life isn’t always fair.

So we’ve tried to make this as accessible as possible so you can buy now and pay later.

In the past, we have sold it for as much as $3,997.

But right now you can get it for only…

(Or get started for just $249 on a payment plan)


Choose Your Course Payment Option Below...

Regular $797 [Save $335]
Regular $797 [Save $386]
Regular $797 [Save $400]
All pricing options receive the exact same thing = full access, instant access, and lifetime access to the course and community and new lessons and materials every month.

Get a full refund if the course does not work for you*

​You get instant, unlimited, lifetime access.

You can pause your payment plan for up to 2 months if you need to.
After sign up you will receive an email immediately with your login details for the course. If you do not receive it, please check your junk folder. If you can’t find it, please email us and we’ll send you your login link.
—- Step #1: Choose Your Free Gift —-
Bonus Gift #1
Virtual workshop, a virtual experience of our 3 day in-person workshop where you get to see the land and on-site examples ($497 value)

Bonus Gift #2
Ultimate Airbnb setup guide, how to setup your listing to double nightly rates and occupancy ($497 value)

Bonus Gift #3
Our pre-filled out business plan, financials, and pitch deck, exactly the way we used it to get funded and create this project ($497 value)
*Yes, if you want more than one of these options you can purchase the other ones after you sign up. Payment plans available as low as $37 12 month payment plans for select items.
—- Step #2: Contact Details —-

Billing details

Additional information

Your order

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Total $1.00

Your personal data will be used to process your order, support your experience throughout this website, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at
Here’s What You’ll Get:
6 Modules of Incredibly Valuable, Online Training (Value = $4,990)

20 FREE bonus courses (Value = $10,240)

Access to private Facebook group and Community Resource Sheet (Value = $997)

Choose 1 of 3 Free Bonus Gifts

“We’ll Pay You $1500” Money-Back Guarantee

Access to all future course updates and additions

All your money goes back into projects like these to help the people and the planet. This is our life’s mission.
Private Facebook Mastermind Group
Wholesale Reachout Script Templates
The Influencer Outreach Toolkit
Launch & Abandon Cart Copy & Paste Email Templates
Foundr’s Secret eCommerce Mastery Series
Wholesale Reachout Script Templates
2-For-1: Free Start & Scale License For Your Business Partner or Team Member
Seven months after he started this system, he transformed his venture into a $1 million+ business.
After joining the course Shannon made $30,000 in sales on a brand new store! Shannon averages $700-$800 per day in sales and is on track to be making $1000 a day in sales!​
Gamal grew the business 30x — from $2k a Month to $60K+ a Month. This happened in under four Months after starting Start and Scale.
In Zenbody’s first week, Jennifer made over A$2,000 and received two wholesale enquiries from potential stockists.
Meet Monique and Chevalo, two seasoned entrepreneurs managed to un-tap the power of their online store and generate over $20,000 in two months.
Meet Maurah, the founder of ACV Gummi. She had two failed businesses before doing the Start and Scale course and made $2,000 in less than a week. Now she’s going to start another online store!
We’ll Pay You $1500 Money-Back Guarantee
If you implement EVERYTHING I show you, and don’t see a change in your business, I’ll not only refund you – but even give you $1500 for wasting your time.
REFUND POLICY: We offer a 14 day refund period, if you have not accessed any of the materials. If you buy this course and take action on the strategies we provide and it does not work for you, we will give you a full refund PLUS pay you $1500. No other refunds are offered because people could buy the course, screenshot all of our hard work and information, and then request a refund, which is not fair to us. You have to show us that you have put the course content and information into action (aka stay accountable to your goals, and we stay accountable for providing high value). Once you sign in to the course on the platform and view the intellectual property this refund policy applies.

Just so we’re clear...

What’s Included In VOYA OS?

Voya OS Curriculum

40+ Lessons for all areas of your business.

Expert Group Coaching + Q&A

Weekly live sessions with the world’s best teachers.

Voya OS Tools + Templates

15+ in-depth software and automation trainings.

Voya OS Community

Network with other business owners. Get your questions answered.

Here Are Just Some Of The Trainings You Will Get Access To

How Your Life And Business Will Change

Extraordinary things happen when you start leveling up every area of your life and your business together.
Acquire More Customers
We’ll help you build a predictable customer-acquisition system that “sucks in” complete strangers and turns them into eager-to-buy customers.

You will never again have to wonder where your next sale is coming from.
Increase Your Revenue
Some of our students DOUBLE and even TRIPLE their revenue within just a couple of months of implementing what they’ve learned inside of VoyaOS

After even just a few classes you’ll be able to easily identify and remove any bottlenecks that are holding you from scaling to the next level – whether it’s 6, 7, or even 8 figures.
Increase Your Profit Margins
Unlike most businesses that start to scale, you’ll be able to directly translate an increase in top-line revenue with an increase in take-home profit.

Our goal is not just to help you scale your revenue, but to actually allow you to take home as much money as possible (because that’s what actually matters).
Free Up Your Personal Time
What’s the point of making all this extra profit if you’re too busy to enjoy any of it?

We’re going to show you who (and how) to hire and the right systems to build so you can remove yourself from day-to-day operations and finally create some free time for yourself.
Positively Impact More People
If you are amazing at what you do and you are making a positive impact on people’s lives, it would be a waste of your talent not to go all in and reach millions of people.

We can help you share your message with the entire world and create massive, lasting change.


14-day refund policy

What Problems Will Voya OS Help You Solve

This system is perfect for you if you’re facing any of the following challenges:

Inconsistent Customer Acquisition

You are making money, and good money, but month-over-month your growth is a guessing game. You haven’t nailed down one specific traffic source which you can “turn up” whenever you want to make more profit.

​A Good, But Not Great, Offer

Anyone can sign up a few clients, but now you’re trying to get to the big leagues (read: $500,000+/month), and just offering what everyone else is offering won’t cut it, you need to create an offer “they can’t refuse.”

You're The Smartest Person On Your Team

While that’s great for your ego, not so good for the company. This likely means you’re the biggest bottleneck in the growth of your company and need to be replaced ASAP.

As Low Profit (Or No Profit At All)

Look, we love a good Youtube video as much as the next guy, but you can’t use these general videos to solve your specific problems.

You’ve likely outgrown your previous environment and are hungry for knowledge, but make sure it’s specific to your current situation and from someone who has been there.

Everyone Around You Is Making Less Than You

This isn’t an ego thing, but you know you’re the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with, so what does that make you?

It’s hard to find hungry, motivated, and successful people willing to share their time (one of the reasons we created this mastermind in the first place).

​Emotional, Not Data-Driven Decisions

The best (and most profitable) businesses in the world are run as a science experiment.

You know what your control is (booking rate, close rate, cash-per-call, cost-per-call, lifetime value, refund rate, etc.) and you test variables against it (low ticket funnel vs. call funnel, new offer, increase in price, new sales funnel, etc.) to find the winner.

If this is the first time you see some of those words, you may be in trouble.

Complexity Creep

What started as a Google Sheet and your phone has now evolved into 17 softwares, 12 funnels, 3 offers, and 1 stressed-out person.

It is possible to have “more with less”, but choosing what to keep and what to cut can be difficult.

Try it 100% risk-free with our ‘double-it’ guarantee

I guarantee to help you earn double the investment of Voya OS or my team will step in and work on it for FREE until you do.

If we still can’t achieve that, then I will refund you entirely, Plus gift you $1,500. AND let you keep access to the platform anyway. Seriously.

On top of that...

If you’re not completely satisfied and see zero value in the first 14 days then I’ll refund you 100%.
Show me another person willing to stand behind their product like this. We make it impossible to lose.
CURRENCY: Sales are in USD. We are an international business, most of our clients are in the US, we work with US-based team members, and are expanding to physical locations in the US and abroad, so it only makes sense to operate in USD.