What Business Owners Are Saying About Ansel

Tom Jamieson, Osuza – 3X ROI in 3 Weeks.

Ben Lillibridge, Malama Mushrooms

Mayuri Baheti, MOR Collections

Alec + Colton, Luxee

Dan Lorenz, Synyrgx

“Ansel came in and immediately got to work. With their commitment to impact, it instantly gained our trust. They analysed our market and gave us the roadmap to hit our goals.”
SAM BENNETT, SwellMinded
“The company’s ability to know what content would work and when was impressive. Ansel did not only settle on planning everything, they meticulously studied and executed.”
“The professionalism and creative process were very fluid. It is easy to work with the team. I just want more of them, cloning their team as they work like crazy to satisfy their customers.”
“I was very impressed with the level of industry knowledge that Ansel had. We had worked with multiple agencies in the past, but it did not meet our expectations. Ansel was very patient as we tried to keep up with the advanced research they did, but what most impressed my team was how willing Ansel was to educate us throughout the process.”
JEREMY CASEBEER, Pro Athlete and FAVES Candy
“Project management is one of Ansel’s strengths. Most impressive about this company is their knowledge of consumer insights and behavior. Their ability to guide the company on brand growth was a bonus.”
“Ansel’s team is very professional and organized. Their workflow was very effective and their results were impressive.”
PHILIP WESTER, Zenobia and AloYoga

Mayuri at MOR had been running her south-Asian inspired fashion brand for a few years hopping from one popup show and event to another

  • She implemented a fraction of our website structures and boosted conversions by 200% in just 7 days.
  • Then using our ad structures with her existing content she was able to achieve a 5X ROAS on ads

Chris from Nocs Provisions launched his adventure-focused binoculars brand and was sitting around $5-10k/mo

  • He refined his website using our tools and improved from a 0.8% conversion rate to a baseline of 1.5% – an 87% increase.
  • Then he set up our ads structures and went from 0.5X ROAS to 4X ROAS in 2 short months
  • This allowed him to seek more capital and scale with ads.

Tyler and his team at Denik built an amazing 8-figure brand which is not a common feat, but there was room to improve:

  • By using our website conversion methods, his conversion rate increased by 20% in just 4 months.
  • Resulting in an additional $400k in revenue annually
  • On top of that by using our email sequences he was able to increase email revenue by 105%

Kyle and Chris at Indosole had an amazing footwear brand made from recycle tire rubber. They have had great success and were looking to explore ads and better systems for their internal team.

  • Within just 2 weeks, our core ads structures were implemented and instantly doubled their ROAS on ads from 1.5X to 3X.
  • In 3 months their ROAS increased further to 5X, and set their pace to increase revenue by 75X

Nick at Boardies built a summer fashion brand and struggled to find profit through advertising.

  • He leveraged our website conversion systems which doubled his conversion rate in under 90 days,
  • Boardies AOV shot up by 52%, and
  • Implementing our ads structures allowed him to hit 2X ROAS on ads month after month, in just 14 days
  • All on his own

Some Students That Took Our Program

“I am the type of person who usually enrolls in a thousand courses and never manages to finish them, but this course is so practical and well organized that it gave me the motivation to finish it. I recommend it for everyone who is starting or looking to scale in ecommerce.”

Mason Schrek

Owner of Pacific Overlander

“Amazing course! Well organized and crystal clear! Christian is a real master. One of the best courses I’ve ever attended!”

Valeria Tumietta

Shopify Store Owner

Stumbling onto VoyaOS was a turning point for me. Their ad game is real, and their storytelling course… It’s changed how my audience vibes with my content. Blessed this came across my path.”

Shira Yehezkel

Owner of The Crystal Bazaar

“Shout out to Christian! My ads and emails are finally making sense with my website and landing pages, and it’s truly helped create consistent messaging that connects with our market.

Jeremy Hoffman

Owner of Oasis Adaptogens

“I came to this course with the expectation of finding it similar to other “ecommerce courses” out there where they show you how to post on social, run basic ads or pick a dropshipping product to sell… But VoyaOS exceeded my expectation with it’s predefined systems that are useful and usable in real projects and not just ‘amateur‘… Thanks Christian for the awesome content. :)”

Angela Davis

Owner of FreedomX

“I absolutely loved this class! As someone who had quite a lot of prior experience in ecommerce marketing, I was skeptical, but in the end I was incredibly impressed. The way Christian taught this course was very clear and straightforward. I’m excited to continue my journey in ecom with VoyaOS at hand.”

Jeffrey Lin

Owner of ABConvert

Even the Masterclass is the real deal, no nonsense, just stuff you can actually use, but the real nuts and bolts are in the system itself. Major props to Christian and the folks at VoyaOS for the direct line to their brains and helping us make our operation smoother and bigger!

Kaine Whiteway

Owner of SoftServe

We went from slow and overwhelming to simplified and exploding.

VoyaOS gave us awesome systems and didn’t break the bank. We were doing work with a machete, and this came in with a surgical tool.”

Ben Lillibridge

Owner of Malama Mushrooms

“With Voya – I now know with 99% certainty that what I put in with time or money will give me a return.” 

Mayuri Baheti

Owner of MOR Collections

“You guys are the real MVPs. Set up your automation tools and now my business is running like clockwork while I plan the next big move. Learned a lot of new tricks I never would have found without you.”

Dan Lorenz

Owner of Guerilla Franchising

“This program is truly stands out from other courses I have taken. The course is packed with excellent examples and high-quality materials, making the learning experience engaging and insightful. I finally feel like I have some direction with growing my store!

Jaymie Friesen

Owner of LongWKND


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Michael Elliott
Michael Elliott
19:40 26 Jan 21
Wow! Ansel has an absolutely amazing team when it comes to digital marketing. Not only are the strategies unique and... well thought out, but the execution was perfect. The team is friendly and they are so detailed with everything they do. From their ad creatives, to the targeting, the approach was not like most and really paid off. Thank you!!!!read more
Penton Wong
Penton Wong
18:55 26 Jan 21
Christian is an expert when comes to digital marketing. He is very good at crafting ads, search engine optimization,... and email marketing. If you are looking out for someone to help you grow your business, then he is definitely worth your time and every penny you are going to pay him.read more
Gary Collins
Gary Collins
22:37 13 Nov 20
The team at Ansel have enabled us to grow our business year over year; we regularly change the outcome (typically... requesting more leads monthly), and each time they come back with a plan to achieve it. Our account manager Joanne has done a great job understanding our business and has become a sort of business advisor for us.read more
Sandra Jonas
Sandra Jonas
19:08 02 Nov 20
I have never felt so relieved and excited with business ever. In the last week, we've had more sales than we've had in... the last 24 months. Joanne, Nathan and the rest of the team at Ansel turned up with the solutions and showed myself and my small team how to really churn in customers and clients, not just leaving it to chance. They have worked closely with us, and aside from working on our campaigns, they have practically been a business consultant which has helped in numerous other areas for us. Now I can actually reach people and make a bigger impact.read more
Margo Masserman
Margo Masserman
20:38 22 Oct 20
Absolute pleasure to work with. We worked with Ansel on a full audit and implementation and with every question, we... received a thoughtful, informative and timely response. The whole planning and check-in process has been a breeze, super clear and truly impactful. LOVE the team and they are simply genuine humans - couldn’t recommend better!read more
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith
20:20 22 Oct 20
We loved the incredible response from consumers, and it's all because of Ansel. Christian and the whole Ansel team were... patient and were not just insightful but very directional. We have seen a large uptick in leads and positive reviews since following their roadmap. The investment was nothing compared to how much the system brought into our business, doing what Ansel did would've taken us months or even years to activate. Highly recommended. No regrets.read more
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