Case study

United by Blue was created from the idea that a successful outdoor brand can do serious conservation work. This means everyone at United By Blue is rolling up their sleeves and removing plastic bottles, styrofoam, tires, old appliances, you name it from creeks, rivers, beaches, and streams. They organize and host cleanups to make a measurable impact on the most pressing of environmental problems: ocean trash and plastics pollution.


The problem

After hiring one of the biggest agencies in the USA to take over their Facebook advertising, sales were grinded to a halt. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, their marketing strategy needed to be updated in a major way to take advantage of the most important sales period of the year.

That’s when they called us.

The solution

In-depth competitive and demographic research led to valuable insight into the current state of marketing in their industry. With an excellent understanding of the market, we gave United by Blue a fresh brand voice that spoke to their target customers and revamped their audience targeting and segmentation.

The results

Within 2 weeks, we doubled the return on ad spend of the previous agency from 1.5x to 3X. Within 6 weeks, we more than tripled the previous agency’s return on ad spend from 1.5x to 5X. 

Initial Return on Ad Spend

Return on Ad Spend within 2 weeks

Return on Ad Spend within 6 weeks