Case study

The problem

Many people in Romania that lose their pets don’t have any localization device helping them find them. They still used paper flyers and mobilize just a handful of people to search for their missing pets. We thought that there has to be a better way. We wanted to make the search more efficient and solve this problem, even though it is a big challenge.

The solution

“Gasitorii”(which means “The finders” in Romanian) is the smarter Amber Alerts for pets. It’s a mobile app that will help you find lost pets by using the power of smartphones and the local communities. We call these communities “Gasitori” (which means “Finders” in Romanian). Unlike other solutions, Gasitorii can help you even if you were not prepared to lose someone or your pet. It can help even if you didn’t buy a tracking token.

The results

After we launched the app in the Romanian App Store, we got covered in many major media publications and national stations. All of a sudden we knew that we can help a lot of people with the power of technology and mobile apps.

reported pet losses

pets found