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The 5 secrets responsible for over $200M generated for ecommerce brands around the world.
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And it’s all in this video I recorded (it’s free)

Detailing the exact systems we used to generate $200M for over 117 brands in 50+ niches, which is…

predictable and consistent and has put the power of marketing back into the hands of ecommerce business owners…

This is for you if you want to regain control over your marketing and scale past 6 and 7 figures and be self-sufficient.

Or to simply increase revenue, profit more, and build a life-long brand.

We offer step-by-step guides, plug-and-play systems, an online community, internal trainings and VIP help from our team of experts.

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But I’ve got a secret gift I’m going to give you just for checking out the masterclass…

Alright, it’s not a secret…

But it’s a book of secrets… .

"7-figure ecommerce cheat sheet"


As a thank you for attending your free masterclass, you’ll get a free copy of Christian’s proprietary blueprint used with every client that has been under 7-figures to achieve this level and beyond.

This is the step-by-step formula that Voya OS follows To Scale Top eCommerce Brands (some seen on SharkTank) Into 6, 7 and 8-Figure Businesses.

Inside you’ll discover …..

  • The economics behind a 7-Figure store (it’s much simpler than you think)
    4 critical components that any brand must have to blow past 7-Figures in revenue
  • Hidden goldmines of traffic acquisition no ones talking about
    Build Belief within your potential buyers and achieve industry leading conversion rates
  • Retain and upsell your customers to drive superior lifetime value

We’ll also debunk the most destructive myths in the industry that will be costing your brand money!

Approved by our partners:

this system works...

BEN HIT 7 FIGURES, THEN added $3500 per month in recurring revenue in just 3 weeks!

Ben launched Malama Mushrooms and grew it to 7 figures, then struggled to make the right moves in marketing to accelerate further. Using our website, ads, and email structures, he increased revenue and even boosted his email revenue by 300% in just the first month.


Kyle created Jack Henry Co, the first full organic men’s care line. By leveraging this framework on ads and website, he went from $3k/mo to $50k/mo in just 5 months.


Tom used these systems to take their existing business Osuza – a high-end technical backpack company… From doing $17k a year, to over $17k a month in a matter of weeks.

Here's What Business owners Are Saying After Working With Us...


Footwear / Fashion
Kyle and Chris jumped from 1.5X to 5X ROAS in just 6 weeks.
Tom made 2X more revenue in 3 weeks than the entire year before VoyaOS
Socks / Clothing
Arvin Goods
Harry increased average order value by 45% and doubled monthly recurring revenue in 90 days.
Fashion / Clothing
United By Blue
Mike’s ads went from 0.35X ROAS to over 8X ROAS in 2 months. 
Skincare / Haircare
Jack Henry Co
Kyle went from $3k/mo to over $50k/mo in 5 months
Swim Shorts / Fashion
Boardies apparel
Nick doubled his conversion rate in under 90 days, and hit 2X ROAS on ads.
Notebooks / Art
Tyler and his team increased email revenue by 105% and his conversion rate by 20% in just 4 months.
Outdoor Gear
Nocs Provisions
Chris relaunched his ads and went from 0.5X ROAS to 4X ROAS in 2 short months.
Malama Mushrooms
Ben added $3,500 to his monthly revenue in just 7 days and increased his Welcome flow by 300%
…And countless others in all kinds of niches and industries!

And listen...

This system is everywhere.

It’s even garnered us the trust of top platforms that trust us with their biggest brands and clients.
Our Partners:

This repeatable framework that’s been creating success stories for over a decade to drive...

$200M+ for over 117 different 6, 7 and 8-figure brands from


In Over 50 Niches

across 23 countries around the world...

And even brands which have now been acquired!


But it wasn’t always this way, you see….
Originally I studied to be a mechanical engineer.
Somehow i got addicted to photography, and found myself fortunate enough to travel with that for many years until one day…
I ended up broke and homeless in Alaska…
Yes – freezing cold snow and bears ALASKA…
I was just 24.
Luckily a new found friend took me in and gave me a couch.
And every single day I emailed every brand I could find. I said,
“tell me what you need help with… I’ll work… and if i’m successful pay me”

Well… The short version is: I was eventually successful… and they paid me.

This birthed the agency. Ansel.
This changed the entire trajectory of my life.
These new projects and intense responsibilities meant I had to learn so much.
Early on I was working for free for years just to learn the craft.
It was harder than engineering…
I f**cked up a lot.
I didn’t know what I was doing more than half the time…
But after some time…
I became decent.
Then pretty good.

After HIRING Agencies, FIRING Agencies, and even OWNING An Agency...

The results began to surface…
As the companies started to see conversion rates rise,
Ad costs fall,
Emails getting opened more
Customers coming back again and again…
Some started to say ‘he’s really good…
Real talk – it wasn’t me…
But i’ll show you the truth…



Let me guess…
You think your ads are the problem.
Or maybe your website needs a revamp
Or agencies cost too much (well, that you’re right about!)
Every day I bet you’re getting hit up by some new fake guru here and agency there.
Every man, mother and dog is trying to sell you on some new ‘hack’.
Or tactic to flood your Business with new sales.
From influencers, social media, ads.
Or bringing your products to Amazon just to lose margins.
That’s because everyone can make promises, but no one is delivering and so they have to rely on reaching out to find new suckers to drain some money from.
The market is flooded with them – vampires.
Sucking the lifeblood of the business if you engage with them.

Bye bye profits!

Look… there are some good agencies and service providers out there. but…

It’s crazy hard to spot the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

So it’s not worth the risk.Believe it or not,
The ecomerce market is no different
new brands every single day.
Kids whipping up stores dropshipping

Throwing out crazy content left right and center.

It’s all noise,

Nevertheless… It’s affecting your ads.

It’s affecting your market.

It’s affecting your sales.
It’s a never ending sh!t storm

You can turn up ads.
Create more content.
Blast more emails

But 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t provide the results you need to build what you need…

A consistently profitable store Flowing with new customers coming in, and existent customers coming back for more...

This ‘tactic’ marketing is what we call ‘hail mary’ marketing Throwing it at the wall and seeing what happens…

You see…

I’m pulling back the curtains on...

these insane
“profit driving levers”
any ecommerce store needs...

A little-known structure that drives a stampede of ‘begging to buy’ customers into your store – this one concept alone will drastically change your understanding of marketing.
How to build instant Belief and Trust on your website that converts complete strangers from ‘click to customer’ – whether you’re selling $5 products or $5,000 products or more!
How to properly craft persuasive emails and text messages that will generate additional revenue and the hidden approach to start flooding your store with recurring customers.
The simple secret eCommerce equation of the most profitable 5, 6, 7 and even 8-figure brands. Leverage this so that you can beat the pants off your competition, and have customer returning again, again and again.

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Here's What You'll Learn In This Program

Learn the step-by-step strategies to hone your vision, refine your structure, website, email strategy and ads so that you can build it into your dream business, fastest timeframe possible.

1. E-Commerce Economics

Grasp the foundational and philosophical essence of Ecommerce dynamics. Build solid fundamentals for your store so you’re ready to scale.

1 – Explore the ecommerce landscape and the digital paradigm

2 – Learn to define the journey you’re about to embark on so we can be precise in our moves. 

3 – Unveiling the secret math equation for 8 figure ecommerce scale – a mix between conversion, price, profit margin, CPC, and AOV/LTV 

4 – Scrape the world wide web for everything you need to know about your die hard customers. 

5 – Define exactly what your market craves

6 – Craft irresistible offerings and product benefits

See the results simple restructuring can achieve.

2. Clarify Your Vision & Have A Solid Plan

Embrace a period of profound personal and business growth and revitalization. 

1 – Discover the polymath and the traits that drive growth in any business

2 – Breathe in ‘Time’ and learn to harness the only asset you cannot get back once it’s gone.

3 – Leverage our systems to develop Hyper Productivity and build simple habits

Hosting a healing retreat in our teepee with Elders Vern & Mumsie Shanoss of In-SHUCK-ch Nation

3. How To Assess Your Current Conversion and How to Build Belief

How to build instant Belief and Trust on your website that converts complete strangers from ‘click to customer’ – whether you’re selling $5 products or $5,000 products or more! 

1 – Build intentful guarantees that actually improve customer retention.

3 – Building Believability and Reducing Doubt.

4 – Learn when and how to optimize your site to maximize conversions

5 – Discover price testing and the secret triggers that pull in customers.

Our conversion process is unique to every brand, and our process allows it to become unique for yours.

4. Plan Your Backend Bridges to be a Profit Engine & Drive Up ROAS Across The Board

Harness the subtle power of email and SMS for deep community connections. Generate revenue on autopilot and make storytelling and copywriting a simple 123 process.

1 – Plug and play our power flows 

2 – Copy our Money Making Audience Segmentations

3 – How to properly craft persuasive emails and text messages that will generate additional revenue and the hidden approach to start flooding your store with recurring customers.

4 – Plug in our email calendar so you’re ahead of your competitors

5 – integrate SMS systems and flows for a more personal touch

ROAS is not all because of the ads… more often than not, emails and website control your ROAS more.

5. Build And Learn To Manage An Ads Infrastructure That Can Scale.

Learn systematic strategies to transform ad efforts into scaling successes. 

1 – Understand the secret to attention grabbing ads. 

2 – Copy our $200M Ads structure 

3 – Craft killer content with our ad alchemy framework

4 -Tie in ecommerce economics to define ad spend and how to scale. 

One of our private off-grid hydrotherapy guest spas with an authentic giant wine barrel wood fire sauna, tub, and outdoor shower

6. Plan & Build A Bulletproof system that builds customer value long-term.

The simple secret eCommerce equation of the most profitable 5, 6, 7 and even 8-figure brands. Have customer returning again, again and again. 
1 – Define the ‘sells’ your brand can and should leverage for maximum profits.

2 – Apply our top performing sell matrix to increase AOV and lifetime value 

3 – Integrate profit generating tools through our “agency proven formula” 

4 – offer more value to guide them into purchasing but also get post purchasing, enhance the experience to build loyalty. 

5 – build rapport and leverage enthusiasm and feedback

Small hinges swing big doors in this game. This is how we take you from a small pond to a big lake and beyond.

7. Community, Connections & Resources

Private Facebook group with a community of likeminded people, group support, and group resource sharing

​Private Access list to tools and resources through our partners

​Network and partner with people doing the exact same thing

​Copies of our hiring templates, training tools, and even contracts, and more

​​Where and how we’ve found the systems we’ve developed

Where to find exactly what will work best for your brand, no matter which area of expertise you need help in

Connecting with real, aligned, supportive people

Here's What You'll Get With This Program:

The Full Course: 

Everything Above & Our Step-By-Step Guides & Strategies We Used To…

Generate over $200M in revenue for over 117 brands

Consistently improve conversion rates in over 50+ niches

Automate, outsource and hire in-house for most of the day-to-day work

Predictably hit 2X+ ROAS on ads and scale into 6 and 7 figure months in ad spend

Build high quality unique storytelling and compelling copywriting quickly and efficiently

Improve AOV and LTV by over 35% on average for clients

​All while saving money for clients, and generating them funding, when they started with no money and bad credit

1-On-1 Personal Consultation Call To Map Out Your Plan (Book Your Call Immediately After Sign Up)

​Video Lessons And Instructions On how To Customize The Blueprint For Your Unique Brand Vision

Actionable Strategies, Tips And Advice To Save Hundreds Of Thousands Of $$

Access To A Private Facebook Group To Connect With Likeminded People Taking Real Action And Get Support

Optional Upgrades
For In-Person Workshops, Personal Consulting, Our Pre-Filled Out Business Plan, And Connections To Likeminded Investors

Go to Step 2 for a Free Masterclass, Instant Access, & To Book Your 1-On-1 Call With Sign Up


  • If you prefer to outsource to agencies, or take some get rich quick gambles…
  • If you don’t want to take responsibility for the growth of your business
  • If your business is just a hobby that you aren’t driven to grow
  • If you don’t have a product you won’t learn how to find one here
  • If you’re a dropshipper or part of a multi-level marketing group…

THEN Who should attend?

If you nod even once to the following, you NEED to attend this masterclass…
  • Are you an ecommerce brand owner or marketing manager?
  • Do you have a proven product but don’t have consistent sales and just wanna wake up every morning to see your store pumping out new customer order labels out of the printer?
  • Are you a paid media buyer, email marketer or any kind of ecommerce marketing professional? You’d like to better understand the full ecommerce landscape and generate better results for your clients?
  • Are you a copywriter for an ecommerce brand/s and want to leverage proven systems to turn your copywriting into gold?
  • Do you want to generate more profit and avoid spending $10k/mo or more on agencies?
  • Do you want to get clarity to efficiently grow your company in house and grow your team?
  • Have you tried course after course and really need expert feedback and community support?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions…

And would like to know the 5 step system we’ve used to scale 100s of ecommerce brands past 6, 7 and even 8 figures, creating a torrential downpour of customers that flood your store…

You should consider this masterclass mandatory.

Sincerely, Christian McLeod

PS – If you’re a dropshipper, someone that just wants a quick fix or easy money, or just simply doesn’t have an ecommerce brand they are proud of and have a brand they’d like to scale… This probably isn’t for you.

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Christian McLeod

A mechanical engineer raised in Ireland, Christian ventured into photography and traveled the world only to lose everything and go broke and homeless in Alaska. With nothing to his name, he pledged to brands to ‘I’ll work for free, and if I’m successful pay me’

Months of learning ads, creating viral content for media partners, building huge email lists, and dealing with struggling conversion rates… he discovered a system that was repeatable and predictable. 6 years later, his methods and systems have generated over $200M in revenue for his clients.

Now it is finally released to the public to allow any brand to grow and scale in any niche.

WHY are you still waiting? 
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