Impact Section Examples

Find ways to illustrate the impact which your market resonates with, and the impact your product makes on the people or the planet.

Big Offer Section Examples

Make them a combo/bundle offer which is hugely discounted for a limited time, and comes with extras that you can’t purchase anywhere else on the site or otherwise.

HVCOs Section Examples

Capture those people which are not quite ready to purchase. Hook them in by providing them instant value. Solving their biggest problems.

Before + After

Not possible for all types of products, but you’d be surprised how often you can create a Before vs After.. Look at Larq as an example. They show your water before Larq, and your water after… Big difference.

Authority Endorsements Section Examples

Find the people that your market looks to for sound advice. This is like getting a referral if you get a strong enough authority to endorse your products results.